A Little Bit About Me.

My name is Mark Pike and I have lived in Dorset all my life. My main interests lie in the UK railway scene and all things to do with natural history and wildlife in the UK.

Originally all images were on just one website but I have now split wildlife & nature from my UK railway images which can be found at www.mvp-photography.co.uk

My nature/wildlife interests began as a young lad when I used to walk to/from school. I have lived in the countryside for most of my life and was always fascinated by the things around me. In recent years I have been on a mission to photograph all 59 species of butterflies in the UK and now require just one more. I just love photographing Butterflies and Dragonflies etc, usually up close.

I am also one of the foray leaders, and founder members of the Dorset Fungus Group www.dorsetfungusgroup.com and have always loved the fascinating and intriguing species that can be found growing almost anywhere.

It is an ever expanding site so why not come back from time to time and have a look around, you never know what you might come across!